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Long yellow is a very nice fig and is loved by many because of it large size and very sweet honey flavor. This variety also considered as early ripening. The pictures below were posted by Vito on...

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I have not tasted a honey fig yet, but I am pretty sure my go to figs will be berry figs. I love strawberry preserves and eating fresh raspberries, so this fig would be perfect! Central, GA - Zone 8a. Wish list: Yellow Long Neck, Lattarula, Italian 258, Black Madeira.Trade request. 12-30-2022, 06:42 PM. I know there is a "Trading" forum, but I couldn't figure out how to make a new topic in there since it pulls up a window that says "Test" at the top. I was reading a thread about selling in which someone mentioned that if we had been here awhile we would have enough "friends" that we could trade with and ...We are capable of shipping to the lower 48 states. Nointernational shipping and no shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.All photos are our own.I amSoCalFigson the Ourfigs forum. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Please bid with confidence as we guarantee our varieties to be true to type.Feb 8, 2023 · Bleached cda - leaves entirely white. May not be able to handle full california sun. Leaves curl and burn. Pretty to see tan branches and pure yellow white leaves. TNT - large fruit, sometimes oblong, sometimes round, can dry, sometimes juicy, sweet but not the sweetest. Tasty.

Iraqi fig from johnsvmf1. I got this fig from johnsvmf1 via eBay a few years back. He was an active member here at one time. His sons have been selling a few plants here and there the past few years to help pay for schooling. The story to go with this one was fairly interesting, it was reportedly growing near the victory over America palace ...Ugliest Fig Showcase. Ugly figs get very little attention around here. So I figured it might be fun to have a thread where people post their ugliest figs from this season. The only rule is you have to have eaten at least most of it. The winner will be the fig that gets the most "gross" emojis - 🤢. I'll start with the ugliest fig I ate this ...Maybe some knowledgeable people regarding figs on this forum can help write descriptions to help Wills and then Wills can just proof read them, make any corrections as needed and then cut and paste them. I am new to this forum and I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone, but from what I have read it sounds like Wills is overwhelmed at times.

share-1. #3. 09-22-2023, 07:06 PM. Howdy Wilky, Since your new I'd start a post and introduce myself to the forum with your location and maybe some people will link up with you over on your side of the pond. A few people over there have some outstanding cultivars we grow here. Good luck and welcome to Our Figs.The sulfur treatment will kill both fig mites and fig rust, which the FLM carries symbiotically. "Treat that plant 2-3 times a year with sulfur and watch the FMV and fig rust diminish. The best treatment times are, in order: Regardless of the kind of Mite, I plan to use some kind of "water dispersible" Sulphur.

Northwest CT, Zone 5b | Wish list; Albo, Smith, Lebanese Red, Sefrawi & Ponte Tresa09-18-2023, 08:55 AM. As we know it's about a 75 to 90 day cycle from figglet to ripened fig. The leaves have nothing to do with the formation of the fig. I agree the leaves are mainly there to shade some of the fruit, and gather energy from the sun (photosynthesis) and the collect moisture from the dew and humidity.share-1. #21. A couple interesting notes from pons about De La Senyora (Sineuera). The leaves are tri-lobed (though sometimes pentalobed). They have very serrated edges with marks (On the other hand, Hivernenca is listed as only have "slightly" jagged edges) The fruits are pyriform, a little spherical in shape.Welcome to the forum. Like Gina said^^^, your location will greatly affect what the standard-setting figs are for you. RdB is a great fig but many in super hot/arid environments report it struggles there. Sharing your location will elicit better responses for you

Black Plate - Pogácsafüge. 04-18-2020, 09:51 PM. I thought I would share a fig cultivar that I've enjoyed quite a bit. This is a hungarian variety called Pogácsafüge, or in English "Black Plate". I acquired the below tree from Padsfan early last year and enjoyed the large black fruit very much!

11-01-2018, 04:36 PM. I thought VS and BG are the same fig but BG produced bigger, gray-green color fig. VS produced smaller, brown-green color. They were excellent fig. attachment I was hoping to do a side by side with Bourjasotte Grise but this Violet Sepor ripened early. For a fig off a young tree rooted 9 months ago this has.

Introducing Figues Du Monde USA. 11-14-2019, 10:20 PM. Dear Fellow Fig Enthusiasts, This is to announce the official launch of "Figues Du Monde USA" and to give you an overview of our plans to integrate within the USA fig community and hopefully become a valued resource to OURFIGS members here on this side of the Atlantic. Background.This one was slightly under-ripe and still a little latex-y which you can see dripping off the stem in the cut fig pic. It is a huge fig; this one in the pics was quite small compared to others on the tree. Los Angeles / Zone 10b. Wishlist: BNR, Lampeira Prusch, Planera, Calderona, De la Roca. 👍 1.04-14-2021, 07:23 PM. So far Unknown Pastilliere, Zidi, Surge, and Yede vern are strong rooters. All 4 growing strong for me and would more than likely make great rootstocks. Also Lee Ann's Mr. Jones caprifig roots like crazy better than my other caprifigs so far. The only common fig in the group is Surge.1) No Advertising - Plain and simple - no advertisements. Property Talk is meant solely for discussions and must not to be used for the advertising of property sales / business / investments. Your account may be warned and/or suspended for not adhering to this rule. 2) No Soliciting - you are not allowed to conduct solicitation here by posting ...3. Hollier. 4. LSU Late Black (sample size small) 5. A Salce with no rain for 2 weeks. 8a/8b = 100 In-ground trees, 10 in 25 Gallon Pots, 20 in 7 gallon sips. Goal = find the top 3 non splitting commercial quality and graft them on every tree. "It isn't over till I'm all figged out".

A ripening cage for trees that would fit in it. Plastic clamshells protecting ripening figs outside the cage. Hanging decoy figs in my trees made from painted golf balls. the chipmunks and raccoons eventually stopped trying to steal my figs. For the last month or two of my season I didn't use the clamshells or the ripening cage and I didn't ...The alma is an extremely productive tree and produces figs that ripen in late June and again in August. The fruit is small to medium in size, has a pear shape, golden-brown skin and an amber pulp. Alma figs are sweet, delicate caramel flavored figs and are best served fresh, dried and as preserves. A small to medium, golden-brown, pear-shaped ...Grow your own figs with a starter fig tree plant available from Burpee. Browse our massive selection of fig plant types including: Black Mission, Panache Tiger Stripe, Texas Blue Giant, Olympian, White Marseilles, Chicago Hardy, Letizia, Violette de Bordeaux, and Lattarula Italian Honey fig plants in stock at Burpee.More information on this variety can be found on the ourfigs forum or the figs4fun forum mobile website.In an effort to control the spread FMV by various mites, I have treated my trees at dormancy with neem oil spray as a fungicide and soaked the cuttings in the spinoza Monterey Garden Spray as a miticide. Both are recommended for organic ...Hi there bella0424 - welcome to the forum On the topic of FMV, I suppose context is everything. These days I'm in the "don't get your knickers in a twist over it" camp, because good plant care, regular spraying with horticultural oils containing neem, and regular fertilization will usually result in a healthy plant that will grow out of the signs of FMV.August 31, 2021·. https://www.ourfigs.com/…/1044786-i-purchased-some-cuttings…. Hello All, I decided to purchase some cuttings. I know it’s a bit off-season, but I wanted to get …

The fruit is typically fig-shaped, with the light-green skin that is easily detached from the subcutaneous almost white pulp. The inner part of the pulp is of pale-honey-pink color, very juicy and nutty sweet of …

It does have the honey drop, but fruit flies will invade rain damaged fruit through a million other cracks, so the ostiole is not the only issue. Since this can happen to any variety, Smith is no worse than others. But it does not split, so that is another positive. #11. 7.Last year my JFE Black Madeira not, lacked the cherry flavor it had the first two years it fruited. It was good, but more like a Mt Etna type fig. It was disappointing. It was a bad year all around for me last year. Everything looks great this year, so we will see what the 4th fruiting season yields in flavor. #6. 4.Fertilizing Schedule for 3 years and older potted fig trees: Weekly feedings of Miracle Grow General purpose @ 1 tablespoon / Gallon of water with 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt / gallon. 1 cup of Espoma-Tone at start of season. Miracle Grow is stopped at the end of July or mid August to allow for "hardening off".Hi! Just starting out after midwinter blahs led to "maybe I could grow trees in pots" that led to a Hardy Chicago and a meyer lemon arriving in a box (much to husband's bafflement). The HC seems happy enough. I gave myself one job (keep it alive til the winter before I'm allowed to fall down the rabbit hole of figs).So my unpopular opinion: 1. Grow no more than 5-10 root stocks first year, and up-pot to 10 or even better 15 ga, focus on setting up branches for grafting. Following year graft varieties, and evaluate on the root stock which ones should get their own pot in 2-3 seasons.Wild Fig Trees. 01-19-2019, 05:40 PM. Hey guys, I have been intrigued by this idea of finding fig trees in the wild. It seems very interesting and I am wondering who has had such an experience and if you could share the story. I am also thinking about the prospect of having a large online map which fig growers alike can collaborate and share ...10-18-2022, 10:47 PM. Same thing happened with Smith. I picked up two cuttings from Harvey's sale for $15 total back in 2018. Then they became the star feature in a video done by a YouTuber with a massive following and the price skyrocketed.

Introducing myself. 09-27-2023, 06:02 AM. Greetings fellow fig enthusiasts, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Chris, I come from the middle of Germany, which should be zone 6b. Last year I discovered my passion for figs, since then I read everything I can get my hands on.

South-West Fig Growers. Latest: Alienx | Posted: 12 Sep 2023 15:23:33. Another KK discovery. It is very similar to Black Madeira and may be slightly larger. KK's / Portugal Black Madeira (AKA Maideira Island Black) came from a man in (drumroll) Portugal. He had a few figs that he called Black Madeira, thought we was.

01-14-2020, 04:32 PM. Here is the 2020 price list for reference: Variety. Jan 2020 Price. USDA Phyto - standard. $60. USDA Phyto - with Xylella certification. $110. 3 N' Prato.LSU Fig Cultivars. 03-28-2015, 06:03 PM. Based on a little research (mainly drawing on lists by paully22) and reading widely, I'll put here a list of fig cultivars either known or assumed to have come out of the LSU fig breeding program. It's a tentative list always open for subtraction, deletion, or other correction.Collapse There are currently 466 users online. 34 members and 432 guests. Most users ever online was 3,137 at 11:23 PM on 12-03-2019.Pretty much any American persimmon will be fine to zone 5 or even 4, as long as the growing season is long enough. All are astringent, though there have been rumors of a non astringent tree out there. Kakis are generally zone 7 or even 8 with a few exceptions. Hybrids are hardy to zone 7, 6 or 5.He later came across the Figs 4 Fun forum. Being a humble man, he explained that he learned so many new things about figs by cruising the forum. He ultimately joined the Ourfigs forum. He was a major contributor to both forums providing his own wealth of knowledge and experiences.Green Michurinska. This is a new unknown from Eastern Europe. Probably quite hardy, certainly very delicious. Figs are a day or two overripe, but I didn't notice them til. Great rich, jammy flavor like Adriatic types, but earlier ripening if this year is a good representation.Some outstanding individual figs. 11-02-2021, 09:09 PM. Here are some singular fruits which really stood out to me this year. Some were the first fruits from young trees. Others were just incredible fruits which rose above other lesser fruits from the same tree. While I definitely can't say each of these varieties are absolute winners, I'm ...Mario's Figs. 02-16-2022, 05:54 PM. First and foremost id like to wish peace and condolences to Mario's family and friends. I never had the opportunity of joining along some of his posts but am aware of his contributions to the fig world. I have seen some posts regarding Mario's figs.Jun 15, 2023 · New to figs with questions! 06-15-2023, 12:02 AM. Hi all, I've been reading and searching through this forum for a bit and thought it was time to say hello! I think it's so cool that there's a space filled with people passionate about figs. I bought what I was told was a Brown Turkey fig from a local nursery last year. Estonia, Zone 5 Wish List 2023 Improved Celeste-Florea-Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley-Teramo-Long Yellow-Iranian Candy-De Tres Esplets-Malta Black-Salem Dark-Olympian-Smith-Green Michurinska + Any tasty super early figWe ship with USPS Priority, most orders arrive in 3 to 4 days, on or before Thursday in most cases. You will receive the actual tree in the photos. Discount available for combined shipping, check our other listings. No international shipping. No shipping to CA, HI, AK, and PR. Im MJAFIGS on the Ourfigs forum. Reach out if you have any questions.

#1 New to the forum 09-26-2023, 01:43 PM I am a new fig tree grower. I have one fig tree. A friend gave me a cutting 3 years ago. She said it is a "Strawberry Fig Tree". I nurtured it thru the winter, and put it in the ground 3 years ago. It is huge now. I never thought I liked figs before until I picked one from my new fig tree.Social Media Girls ForumAt $250 a tree the enjoyment of growing figs is gone. I am a little confused is the scam the people who are selling fake trees or the person that is selling the actual tree? I guess I need to remember figs are a journey and not a destination. Zone 5 Bloomington, IL. wish list: Black Zadar, Lampeira Preta, Kesariani.Instagram:https://instagram. power outage in charlotte ncsonny on general hospital agezuma miami spice menu 2023midwest border collie rescue Had to make sure no one was messing with my precious ourfigs! deanp #6. 5. deanp commented. 09-06-2023, 06:43 AM. Editing a comment. $15/mo is surprisingly cheap. Even the "Gold" plan (with 200GB/mo bandwidth) is only $60/mo. ... The change in the look of the forum has me stumped as there was no "update" yet new features have been added.The fertilizer consists of, 1 part superphosphate 0-20-0, 1 part 5-10-5, 1 part bone meal, and 1 part garden lime. Mix these ingredients thoroughly. Apply the fertilizer by making 4 holes at the edge of the pots, 1" in diameter and 3" deep. Fill the holes with the mixture and water thoroughly. A fig tree, three quarter inch caliber and 4' tall ... mattock rs3pinellas county active call If you put it in ground now and give it solid protection over the winter, you might be okay. Personally, I would wait and plant it out in the spring. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.". - Source Unknown MA 5b/6a. Part Owner at Catskill Mountain Lavender. nba 2k23 personality badges Apr 18, 2020 · Black Plate - Pogácsafüge. 04-18-2020, 09:51 PM. I thought I would share a fig cultivar that I've enjoyed quite a bit. This is a hungarian variety called Pogácsafüge, or in English "Black Plate". I acquired the below tree from Padsfan early last year and enjoyed the large black fruit very much! I am WillsC owner of OurFigs.com the leading fig discussion forum online. I also own a federally and state licensed fig nursery that is regularly inspected by the State of Florida. I've been actively collecting and selling fig trees …By the way fiorone is breba in italian. So we have: - ORO Rosato - striped fig with orange flesh and a thin purple ring. - ORO Bianco - light pulp. Also there is Florinda fig (Fico Florinda) which has no breba crop. And Grazia 3 fig, with breba in August and main crop in October (east central Italy)